About us


Where it all began

My name is Vicky and I created Cashmere Kisses. I came from a creative family, so have always been into making things. I started out, just after I got married, helping my mum make curtains and blinds. From there we went on to create handmade lampshades which we sell on Etsy (AmelieAndBeau). This all spurred me on to create handmade ties, which I also sell on Etsy (LiberteDesignsUK) 

Due to the pandemic at the beginning of 2020 I decided to think of new ideas. 

I've always been obsessed with home fragrances, and anyone that knows me knows that I can be a bit OCD about it! I always dreamed of creating my own fragrances and home scents, and so began the journey of Cashmere Kisses.

Smells and scents can be powerful things. They can affect how we feel, whether that's helping us to de-stress or unwind. They can bring back fond memories. And most importantly the smell of home can give us the feeling of safety and warmth and thats what we aim to deliver for our customers. Our wax melts and candles are designed to fill the room with beautiful scents that will make any house smell like home!