Candle refills

Scented and designed to fill your room with a beautiful scent of your choice.

Burn time is roughly about 10-12 hours.


Theres no need to throw away your old jar! 


Our candle refills fit both of our candle jars and can be ordered in all of our scents


Simply remove the tab on the bottom of the candle and pop in your old jar. (See instructions on how to clean your old jar ready for your refill)



Candle Refills


Simply clean out your jar by filling with hot water. Once its cooled down then pour away the water and remove and dispose of the wick and any bits of wax. Clean your jar with warm soapy water, buff dry and its ready to be filled with your candle refill!


To add your refill, simply peel of the tab on the bottom of your refill. Pop your refill into your candle and press down lightly to secure your candle in its new home. Voila!, a new candle ready to be used!