Handmade soy wax scented candles Presented in a 30cl white gloss glass jar. Or a 30cl pink or pearl geo glass jar with lid

Burn time roughly 12-16hours


Blended to create beautiful relaxing scents to unwind and recharge


Recharge: a blend of bergamot, orange, rose geranium and lavender. Blended for a beautiful and calming scent to help you recharge after a long day. Bergamot encourages a positive mood, Orange helps reduce anxiety and invigorate, Rose geranium is also great for helping reduce anxiety and Lavender helps calm and relax the mind.


Citronella: perfect to use in the garden to keep those uninvited guests at bay!


Candles (Essential oil collection)


the first time you burn your candle, burn for at least 2 hours to ensure the wax melts to the edge of the candle jar. This ensures an even burn and avoids tunnelling

Trim your wick every single time you burn your candle. Trim to roughly 5mm (1/4 inch) this avoids the candle burning too hot and risking a fire. It also avoids excess smoke and soot and stops burning off the scent too quick.

Burn for a maximum of 4 hours at a time and no longer

Keep your candle away from children and pets

Dont move or touch your candle while lit

Dont burn your candle on or near flammable materials. Place your candle on top of a stable and fire resistant surface

Keep away from draughts and vibrations

Dont burn your candle right down to the bottom of the glass, leave at least 1-2cm of wax at the bottom and dont reuse. This ensures the glass doesnt become too hot and risking the glass cracking or smashing

Keep your candle wax clear of wick trimmings, matches and debris

Extinguish your candle if the flame becomes too big or flickers repeatedly. You may need to trim your wick

Only ever burn your candle within sight and never leave a burning candle unattended

When youre finished with your candle, there's no need to throw it away. Fill it with boiling water and leave for a few hours or overnight. The leftover wax should float to the top and you can throw that away, pour the water away and give the glass a clean with warm soapy water. Voila! You have a pretty glass jar which could be used to store cotton pads, cotton buds, makeup brushes and much more! You could even use it as a tealight or votive holder!